The most common cause of neck aches that require pain treatment include muscle strains and muscle spasms. The result of your neck muscle being strained or sprained can be caused from sleeping in a wrong position, poor posture, sport injury, repetitive motions, etc. Minor symptoms of neck pain includes neck tenderness, neck muscle spasm, and neck stiffness. More serious pain symptoms include arm weakness, leg weakness, arm numbness, and leg numbness. Below are 4 pain treatment methods that you can use to aid neck related injury.

Stretching exercise

Simple stretching exercise can stimulate blood flow to the area, which can help with the healing process and pain management. Exercises like head drop, slow neck rotations, and neck retraction can provide neck pain relief for people who are experiencing mild or moderate discomfort.


Taking a Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower has been shown to be an effective pain treatment method for relieving neck aches. Daily hot showers can help relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation to the muscles. Be sure to keep your neck straight when taking a shower and avoid any neck movement.

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Using a Neck Brace

For severe neck pain that may lead to chronic pain, it’s best to secure your neck with a Neck brace to aid with the healing process and prevent further injury. You can also make a temporary neck brace from a tightly rolled up towel. Then place the towel around your neck and try to avoid any neck movement.


See a Specialist

If symptoms persist for more than a week, consult with a specialist. Seeing a specialist can also help teach you how to reduce the risk of reinjury, identify secondary sources of pain and strengthen the weak areas of the neck through targeted exercises. If you are considering professional help, book an appointment with Dr. Evans today to receive the best pain treatment for your neck injury.

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