Can chronic stress affect low t levels?  Good question…let’s look into it.

Stress is associated with increased anxiety and depression.  It weakens your immune system and worsens the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases. Stress can also worsen diabetic blood sugar control, hypertension, many skin disorders, and the list goes on and on and on…

Stress may also lead to the brains release of chemicals, such as cortisol, which can itself blunt the natural release of testosterone.

The cruelty of this process is that a vicious cycle can result.  Stress causes lowered testosterone levels.  Then, that lower testosterone level can lead to more stress, which can cause testosterone numbers to drop even more.


How to Battle Stress and Low T

Exercise and Lose Weight

Stress tends to cause men to exercise less frequently and eat more fattening foods. When you begin to exercise regularly (especially weightlifting), become more active, and lose weight, the process reverses, and you can regain a healthy testosterone level again.

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Not only is weightlifting beneficial to reduce stress and boost testosterone levels, regular cardiovascular exercise releases endorphins, which has been seen to reduce stress and boost testosterone. Running, swimming, biking, lifting, and hiking three to four times a week is recommended, and encouraged.


Get Enough Sleep

When under stress, lack of sleep is quite common. Deficiency in sleep can drastically decrease natural testosterone production.  Quality sleep helps to battle/mitigate the effects of stress.  Quality sleep helps the body to regenerate and optimizes natural hormone production.  It is recommended to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep at a night.

Diet Changes

In our previous article on natural food that helps boosts testosterone levels, we explored foods with high-protein, higher levels of zinc, and higher levels of vitamin D.  In addition, limiting foods with high sugars, salt, saturated and trans fat will help in the quest to optimize natural testosterone and hormone production.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has helped many men return their testosterone to a normal and healthy level. This treatment is based on laboratory testing of serum testosterone levels. The benefits of TRT include increased sexual drive, improved mood and energy levels, improved body composition, and general health.

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