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Annual wellness and physical exams that include examinations and screenings are recommended yearly for individuals regardless of age. A yearly physical exam not only allows your primary care doctor to detect any potential health problems, but it allows you to stay connected with your doctor and ask any questions you may have. We offer examinations that focus on women’s health, men’s health, work and insurance physical exams.

During an annual wellness exam a comprehensive evaluation of your health will be taken. This may include:

  • Family and personal health history screening
  • Physical exam
  • Wellness exam for women
  • Wellness exam for men
  • Blood pressure check
  • EKG/ECG (electrocardiogram) testing
  • Pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels
  • Screening tests (pap smear, PSA, bone density testing and more) 
  • Laboratory testing which may include your complete blood count (CBC), general or detailed chemistry panel to measure your liver and kidney function, cholesterol, vitamin deficiency testing, sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, blood glucose levels.
  • Urinalysis 
  • Nutritional and lifestyle counseling 


Common Questions About Physical Exams:

What is the difference between a wellness exam and an annual physical exam?

An annual physical exam is more extensive than a wellness exam where many of the tests and screenings listed above are given. A yearly Medicare wellness exam includes routine measurements, such as height and weight, and a review of your medical history, medications and medical providers. A wellness exam is also used to screen for cognitive impairments and set up screenings or other preventive services for future dates.

Why are Physical Exams important?

Physical exams and wellness exams can catch medical problems before they start. Through screenings and tests done at each yearly exam you can successfully identify and treat potential illnesses that may arise. This increases your ability to live a long, healthy life.

How should you prepare for an annual physical exam or wellness exam?

Complete and bring any paperwork the doctor’s office requests along with your insurance and ID card. Prepare a list of medications you are currently taking and write down any health concerns that you may have. Think about any health problems or changes you have noticed that you want to ask the doctor about. For instance, have you noticed any changes in your body? Have you had any trouble sleeping or changes in your eating habits? Write them all down and bring them with you to your appointment.

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