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As a medical weight loss doctor, Dr. Ben Evans, offers medically-supervised weight loss programs to men and women in the Greater Phoenix Metro area. Using medically-proven and scientifically-based weight loss methods, we help our patients attain their ideal healthy body size and improve their overall health. Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds or 100+ pounds, our weight loss plans can help you do so quickly, safely and with long-lasting results. 

At Vitality Internal Medicine, we develop personalized medical weight loss plans designed to address the reasons for your weight gain. Often, weight gain and an inability to lose weight can be traced back to hormone imbalances as a result of poor dietary choices, age and lifestyle factors. We help our patients meet their weight loss goals through a combination of careful monitoring, dietary guidance, nutritional supplements, hormone replacement therapy, FDA-approved medical weight loss medications (if you are a candidate) and emotional support. We are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to reach your optimal weight 


Common Questions About Medical Weight Loss:

How does medical weight loss work?

Medical weight loss doctor, Dr. Ben Evans, will first assess the cause of your weight gain to determine if it is related to a metabolic condition, such as diabetes, or hormone imbalance. Next, a customized weight loss plan that meets your individual needs and goals will be developed that may include: An exercise regimen that takes into account any physical limitations you may have. A realistic, easy to follow dietary plan. Nutritional supplements. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). FDA-Approved weight loss medications Ongoing counseling to support your physical and emotional well-being throughout the weight loss process and maintenance phase.

Is medical weight loss covered by insurance?

Some aspects of medical weight loss treatment are covered by most insurance providers. For example, obesity screening and counseling is considered preventative health care and is covered by insurance. Some weight loss medications require specific conditions to be met to be covered by insurance, such as a BMI of at least 27 in some instances. Other supplements or meal plans are not covered by insurance. Some exercise recommendations, such as physical therapy, may also be covered by insurance.

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