Management of Chronic Illness

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Chronic diseases are long-term medical conditions that include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and mental health disorders among others. As your internal medicine doctor, our goal is to help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. 

We take a proactive, team-based approach to help you best treat and cope with your illness on a day to day basis. This may include medications, therapies, lifestyle changes and mental health support. Through careful monitoring of your chronic disease, management of your treatment and staying up to date on the latest medical advancements, we aim to provide care that gives you hope and leaves you in control of your life. 


Common Questions About Managing Chronic Disease?

What qualifies as a chronic disease?

Chronic diseases are broadly defined as a health condition that lasts for 1 or more years and requires ongoing medical attention. You might find that these conditions may limit your daily activity leading to frustration and confusion. Some chronic illnesses can be mild, while others such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes can lead to death or disability. It is important to work with an internal medicine doctor who can carefully monitor, manage and treat your chronic illness.

How might a chronic illness effect your life?

Often, chronic illnesses greatly impact a person’s life both mentally and physically. It may impact a person’s physical and mental ability, which could impact their mental health, family, social life, finances and employment. Certain chronic diseases may also shorten a person’a life span making it important to properly treat and manage these conditions.

Does insurance cover chronic disease treatment?

Health insurance typically covers doctor and hospital visits, prescription drugs, wellness visits and medical devices. It is important to check with your insurance to know which treatments may or may not be covered. Typically, most health insurance will not cover elective procedures, off-label drug use or brand new technologies.

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