If a loved one like family or friends are fighting to break opiate addiction, simply telling them to “stop” is going to be difficult. It is natural to want to help them, but where would you start? You might have pleaded for them to attend rehab, signed them up to programs to no success, or possibly turned a blind eye to their actions.

When it comes to this disease, it is extremely hard to break opiate addiction, especially for the victim. Frequently, the first response is to instantly accuse the abuser. Nevertheless, the chemicals found in opioids create a dependance that not many have the self-control to defeat. Even though you cannot break their reliance on opiates, there are plenty of helpful ways that that can be done to support them while they are going through withdrawals. Below are 5 actions that you can start today to greatly help your loved types break opiate addiction.

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Show Empathy and Compassion

Displaying empathy and compassion the same way you would show it to someone suffering from any various other chronic illnesses and illness goes quite a distance. When you inform your loved ones what to do and making promises such as “It’s not that hard” makes it be a lot harder for them. Generally you will be met with animosity and level of resistance, and they do not need your help after.


Keep an Eye on Their Medication

Be familiar with your loved one’s medications and refills to ensure that you know exactly how much and when they are taking their doses. This can help in preventing further effects of opiate addictions and keep them on a stable schedule.

break opiate addiction with medication intake

help prevent an addiction by watching your medication intake

Be familiar with Overdose

Once you know their medication schedule, it is much easier to determine if they’re on the verge of overdosing or not. At this point additionally it is note knowing that possibly the administration of naloxone should be introduced. The medication is utilized to counter the consequences of opioid overdose. Because this medication cannot be self-administered, you will have to learn how to provide it to your cherished ones in case of emergencies.

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RECOGNIZE THAT Addiction is an illness

Calling the addiction an illness may seem like the abuser is excused because it’s not really their fault that for consume opiates. Though it may appear like addiction is definitely a choice that you make YOURSELF, it’s not. It is a choice to try the medications, however, not a choice to become addicted. After the addiction becomes a disease, it consumes the lives of the abuser, and it is not really by their choice.

break opiate addiction addiction is an illness

Don’t let your addiction become a disease. Get help as soon as possible.


Researching opiate addiction can help you understand exactly why it happens like it does. Know the signs of the various stages of dependence on withdrawals. For those who are abusing heroin, understand that there are certain household items that contribute to the production of it. Items such as aluminum foil, spoons, shoestrings, and black smudges throughout the house all show signs of this addiction.

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At the end of the day, helping a friend or relative overcome opiate addiction could be significantly less harder than you imagine. It needs patience, understanding, and 100% support to allow them to recover. Nevertheless, sometimes the consequences are too severe, and searching for a professional doctor for suboxone treatment is needed. If so, get in touch with Dr. Ben Evans for assist in helping your friend and family members break opiate addiction.

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