In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle with great hormone balance means you should not consume foods that lower testosterone. A big problem of low testosterone is low libido – another word for sex drive. The factors of low libido include sociological, psychological, and hormonal influences. Testosterone, a natural male hormone, will affect sex drive if there are low levels of it. Although this problem could be hereditary, there are prevention measures to not consume foods that lower testosterone.

Below are five of the major foods that can be avoided/eaten less of to maintain a healthy balance of your hormonal levels.


Many soda products will contain high amounts of sugars and calories. Consumption of sugars that are not needed will influence weight gain. Unwanted weight gain can contribute to coronary heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Although diet sodas are marketed to contain no sugars, its far worse than normal soda. Diet sodas contain artificial sweetener, like aspartame, which directly affect your serotonin levels, a vital hormone that directly affects sex drive.

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Fast Food

Hotdogs, burgers, french fries…all of these items found in fast food restaurants should be avoided!. These food items are typically made with low grade meat, which is processed with high chemical content. The chemicals can affect with the production of testosterone, which directly affects sex drive.

Microwaveable Popcorn 

Even though a dinner and movie at home can be romantic, the microwaveable popcorn that you consume can kill the mood, especially in men. Chemicals, such as perfluorooctanoic acid, found along the lining of the bag can directly affect the balance of the male hormone. Regular consumption over a long term period can damage your hormonal balances, and even cause prostate problems.


Many types of cheeses can be found in many romantic dinner dates (pasta, pizza…etc.), it is not recommended to consume such high amounts on a regular basis. If derived from cow’s milk, it may seriously mess with your body’s natural hormonal production. Not only that, but the cheese may also contain synthetic hormones, which directly will affect estrogen and testosterone.

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A glass of wine or a fruity cocktail may get you in the mood, but drinking much more on a regular basis, and your sex drive will definitely pay the price. Alcohol is a depressant. This can inhibit a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Not only that, but daily consumption can lead to weight gain, and excess fat around the belly definitely will decrease libido for both parties.





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