There are many advertisements nowadays that make claims about what testosterone treatment can do for adult men. However, this has led to many misconceptions and common low testosterone myths.

Here are four common low testosterone myths of affected adult men.

4 Common Low Testosterone Myths

Myth: Testosterone supplements will increase your sperm count. 

This myth comes from a misconception that more male hormones mean more sperm. However, supplementing testosterone can actually lower the amount of sperm produced by the body. When the body’s pituitary gland senses high levels of testosterone, it can secrete a balancing hormone to decrease sperm count. This has even led to testosterone-based treatments to be studied as possible male contraceptives.


Myth: You can get prostate cancer from testosterone supplements.

It is a medical procedure to administer testosterone-based medication to those developing prostate cancer. However, this does not mean that testosterone is a cancer-causing hormone. Although testosterone can indeed help the prostate cancer grow and spread, it does not mean that testosterone, by itself, can be a cause of prostate cancer.

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Myth: Low testosterone only comes from old age.

Although there may be a higher demographic of older adult men with cases of low testosterone, this is not a simple truth. Anybody, including females and younger males, can develop low testosterone. This is reflective of genetics and lifestyle choices. However, since genetics is something most people cannot change, the point to look at is the lifestyle choices.

For instance, smoking can reduce testosterone levels. Tobacco has been studied and seen to interfere with the production of luteinizing hormones (which helps make testosterone)

Being overweight can have a similar effect. Too much fat tissue can cause testosterone to be changed into estradiol, a female hormone. In fact, the solution of exercising and dieting shows an inverse effect – there was a substantial increase in testosterone levels in adults that lost weight over a 12 week period!

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To learn more about natural ways to increase low testosterone, check out our article titled 6 Ways to Help with Low Testosterone Causes. 


Myth: Everyone needs testosterone therapy.

This is one of the most common low testosterone myth out there. Not everyone needs therapy to increase their testosterone levels. This condition does affect about 39% of men over 45 years old, with men in their 60s-70s more at risk than 40s-50s. However, there are many side effects that can harm adults.

Side effects can include:

  • Increased blood clots
  • Breast enlargement
  • Increased development of prostate cancer
  • Increased aggressiveness

The best option is to insist on a blood test to assess if the testosterone treatment is actually needed. This will help determine if this option is best for a patient’s situation.


To learn more about testosterone therapy, visit our page on testosterone therapy treatment. Learn about the different options available and if this is the best course for you.

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