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opiate induced symptoms

An Extensive Guide to: What Are Opiate-Induced Symptoms?

In this extensive guide, you will learn what opiate-induced symptoms are, as well as the common treatments to help fight the effects of withdrawal. To help you find answers about within this guide easier, we’ve put together an interactive table of contents. Click each link to be transferred to its section –  or, you can…

family medicine vs internal medicine doctor

The Biggest Differences Between a Family Doctor and Internal Medicine Doctor

One of the best steps you can take toward improving your health and well-being is to look for a health care provider that you can develop a long-term and trusting relationship with, whether it be a family medicine or internal medicine doctor. What’s the difference between a family physician and an internist? It’s a very…

healthy hormone therapy

The Relationship Between Weight Loss and Natural Hormone Therapy & Balancing

When it comes to weight loss, many people will rarely consider how hormone therapy can play a factor. The general population believe that all it takes is eating less and exercising more. Even though this is true for most people, this only applies to those who have normal hormone levels. Those who have perfect cortisol,…

tired at work with low testosterone

Can Low Testosterone and Sleep Have an Effect on Each Other?

Low testosterone and sleep deprivation can affect energy levels to carry out daily activities. These include decreased concentration at work, motivation to exercise, decreased sex drive and more. The link between the two goes both ways. While low testosterone can cause sleep disturbances, sleep disturbances can cause decreased testosterone production. Evidently, this can become a…

what are suboxone doctors

What To Expect From Suboxone Doctors to Fight Opioid Addiction

Suboxone doctors are physicians specialized in helping those beat their addiction to opioids. When an individual falls to the addiction of pain medication, it is hard to quit because of the physical and chemical dependency. Most opioids are legally prescribed medication given after surgery. If a user does not monitor their usage correctly, dependency can…

low sex drive from low testosterone

5 Foods That Lower Testosterone and Sex Drive in Men

There are many causes that can the hormonal balances in adults, especially from foods that lower testosterone. One of the big issues of low testosterone is low sex drive – a.k.a. low libido. The factors of low libido involve sociological, psychological, and hormonal influences. Testosterone, a natural male hormone, will affect libido if there are not…

Family Medicine vs internal medicine doctor

Family Medicine vs Internal Medicine: Which One Benefits Adults?

When it comes to selecting a primary care physician for your health, it is important to understand the two classifications: family medicine vs internal medicine physicians. Both classes are similar in medical attention, but there are also fundamental differences that may benefit patients from all age ranges. The common goals of primary care physicians are…


Approved Medication and Treatment for Opioid-Induced Symptoms

Medications for pain, called opioids, are normally prescribed following an intensive surgery (especially for pain or cancer-related problems). However, frequent uses can sometimes lead to opioid-induced constipation (OIC). This common side effect can happen to anyone, and the different treatment options for it will vary from person to person. Treating for OIC may be as…

prescription drug addiction with loved ones

Top 5 Noticeable Prescription Drug Addiction Symptoms in Our Loved Ones

Over 27 million people worldwide suffer from prescription drug addictions. Most of these prescription drugs are opioid pain relievers, given to medical patients following surgery or chronic pain treatment. Is your loved one among these millions of users? The answer might not be as easy as it seems, at least in the beginning phases. Some…