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Andropause - The Male Menopause

Andropause – The Male Menopause

To the vast majority, the term andropause might be new. However, its synonym – male menopause is quite popular. Although it is often a word used light-heartedly, it is actually a recognized medical condition. Some men refer to it as “Low T”, hypogonadism, or testosterone deficiency among other names. All are used to describe the…

What does Low Testosterone (Low T) Feel Like?

What Does Low Testosterone (Low T) Feel Like?

Low testosterone (low T) effects 4 to 5 million men in the US. While a gradual decline in testosterone is normal starting after the age of 30, in some situations testosterone levels drop faster than normal resulting in symptoms that can effect men physically and mentally.   What it feels like to have low testosterone…

Gov. Doug Ducey convenes a special session on the opioid addiction crisis in Arizona on Jan. 22. (Photo by Katie Campbell/Arizona Capitol Times)

Countering Opiate Addiction in Arizona

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new figures on the opioid addiction crisis, saying the number of visits as a result of an overdose in hospital emergency rooms has risen sharply last year, the latest evidence of a worsening drug crisis in the country. Opiate Addiction Related Deaths in Arizona Have Surged Heroin…

Suboxone treatment covered by insurance

Does Insurance Cover Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone treatment is a life saving choice for many patients suffering from opioid addiction. Although cost and the question of whether insurance will cover the treatment may be a concern. Luckily, due to the awareness of the opioid epidemic, Suboxone is typically covered under most insurances. How much does Suboxone cost? Suboxone can be a…

Treating opioid addiction using Suboxone

Treating Opioid Addiction: Is Substituting One Pill for Another a Good Thing?

One highly underused, but successful strategy for treating opioid addiction is the use of medical-assisted treatment (MAT), such as using Suboxone, methadone, or naltrexone. This method is currently considered the gold standard in treating opioid addiction. One factor may stem from the fact that using medications to break away from opioid addiction is viewed by…

prescription drug abuse

Common Counseling Programs for Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is extremely hard to overcome but is a major accomplishment once the abuser can kick it. However, most people with opioid addiction will find that the real battle begins during the detox. This stage has been said to be the hardest because of the cravings, withdrawal symptoms and likeliness of relapse. These…

testosterone injection benefits

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: 5 Major Testosterone Injection Benefits for Adults

Testosterone replacement therapy is a common procedure for adults who have low levels of testosterone in their bodies. One of the more common treatment is using testosterone injections to slowly administer the hormone into the body. This helps recalibrate testosterone levels to reach a healthy balance. In this article, we explore what these injections are…

low testosterone myths

Learn About 4 Common Low Testosterone Myths in Adult Men

There are many advertisements nowadays that make claims about what testosterone treatment can do for adult men. However, this has led to many misconceptions and common low testosterone myths. Here are four common low testosterone myths of affected adult men. 4 Common Low Testosterone Myths Myth: Testosterone supplements will increase your sperm count.  This myth comes…

effective treatments of heroin addiction

Effective Treatments for Heroin Abuse and other Opiate Addiction

Opiate drugs are commonly prescribed for the treatment of pain. Example of opiates are morphine, methadone, buprenorphine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone. Heroin is also known as an opioid and is a substance that is both illegal and extremely addictive. When taking opiates for a long amount of time, your body becomes desensitized to the effects. This…