Knee pain may seem impossible to prevent as people get older, but understanding the common risks that lead to knee pain in old age can help fight against it. By reducing the risk for the give most common causes and factors, prevention of knee pain is a large possibility.


The Common Risk Factors of Knee Pain

One of the largest risk factor of knee pain is age. A variety of conditions can lead to knee pain as your age increases. The best way to prevent it at an old age is to avoid the risk factors when you are younger. Below, we explore six of the most important factors that contribute to this pain. These factors can be managed to reduce pain in the future.


Extra Weight

Being overweight is the largest risk factor for knee pain. The knee supports the weight of the body, and too much damages the joints and increase likelihood of pain. Because obesity can stress the structure of the knee, wear and tear and damage the knee over time.

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Muscle Weakness 

The knee connects to the thighbone and shinbone. Having strong quadriceps help stabilize the knee joints. If the muscle is weaker, than the strength between the quadriceps and knee joints are much less. Developing the right muscles can help protect against these serious knee injuries.



Another big factor to muscle weakness and being overweight is inactivity. People who are less active are less strong and less flexible. When it’s time for them to exercise, there is a greater risk of injury. The best way to prevent weak knees and development of pain is simple knee and joint exercises. 


Not Resting 

Injured people who do not adequately rest will increase their risk of re-injury. Recovery periods can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. This is a must to allow our body to repair itself and heal.



Smoking is proven to increase the risk of health problems, and knee pain can be added to that list. When you smoke, there is an increased risk for loss of cartilage and joint muscles. This will influence the risk of weak knees, which can lead to chronic knee pain.

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Overuse and Injuries

Many knee injuries result from overuse – much like the common “runner’s knee”. High energy sports may lead to inflammation. If not treated and taken care of, higher risk of knee pain will be foreseeable in the future.

Taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of knee pain later in life is very important. If you have additional questions or concerns about your current knee pain, or future risk of it, Dr. Ben Evans can help with treatment and necessary steps to prevent it.

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