Coping with back pain comes in many degrees of discomfort and inconvenience. Some individuals may understand completely the severity of their case and go and seek out acute or chronic pain management. However, most that do not have extreme back pain may fall into counterproductive habits when dealing with it. If the incorrect behavior to cope continues, there is a higher risk of prolonging the pain or even making it worse. Take a look at these 5 most common, but wrong routines that many do thinking it may help alleviate their back pain.

1. Sleeping As Much as Possible

One of the more common methods of coping with back pain is to get as much sleep as possible. Although it is understood that during sleep the body repairs itself, too frequent of naps can make the problem worse. By napping every couple of hours, the body fails to get back on track for a clear day/night sleep cycle. Deep sleep will energize and fix (repair) any discomforts. Allowing the body to achieve this may take time, but the benefit will be significantly better than frequent naps throughout the day.

wrong methods of coping with back pain sleeping

Avoid taking naps throughout the day to keep your body on track of the daily routines.


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2. Skipping out on Exercise

It is not expected to do anything rigorous in coping with back pain, but cutting off exercise completely will make the journey much harder. Even exercising for shorts amount of time will help maintain strength, flexibility, and greatly boosts mood. Light exercises such as walking and stretching is a great start. However, if these results in agony or severe exhaustion, it would be best to seek out medical advice. Many of those coping with back pain find comfort in warm therapy pools, where not knowing how to swim is completely OK.

3. Trying To Do Everything

Those that have a lot on their plate usually find it extremely difficult coping with back pain and tending to their work and home responsibilities. Learning to accept help from others is extremely important during these times. Have a few simple tasks in mind that can be delegated will take loads off, and give those coping some free time and moments to rest. Many people would be more than happy to pick up groceries, mow the grass, or help look after their friends or family members coping with back pain. Ask them!

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4. Failing to Fill Painkiller Prescriptions

One of the biggest factors holding back individuals with filling their prescriptions is lack of planning to schedule an appointment with their doctor before they are too booked up. With new laws requiring a new prescription every time a bottle is filled, ensuring that a date is set a week before the bottle is up is extremely important. Procrastination and laziness do not help here, and there are no excuses as “But I am in pain.”

wrong methods of coping with back pain prescription

Be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor about filling up on your prescription to avoid future back pain.


Although these are common mistakes that many people make for coping with back pain, there are many ways to treat it. Click here to read about the 5 Best Types of Treatments for Chronic Pain Relief in 2017. 

5. Ignoring Signs of Depression

Although not directly connected, depression can result from coping with back pain. Sleep deprivation, social isolation, and financial stresses are just a few reasons for those suffering to be more likely depressed. Unfortunately, depression can be very hard to beat and would make coping with back pain even worse. If the symptoms and signs are persistent (sadness and anxiety, change in appetite, lack of interest in activities…etc), talking to a doctor about treatment is highly recommended here.

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There are no guidebooks to perfectly cope with back pain, but rather it involves understanding what may or may not happen and staying aware to ensure that the back pain does not become chronic. However, if the pain does persist for an extended period of time, it is best to see a doctor. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ben Evans today and have his team and staff take a look at your pain situation.

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