When it comes to quitting heroin, there are often many difficult obstacles on the way to sobriety. However, you can help yourself, or a friend or family member, get through the heroin withdrawal period much easier. Below we explore five withdrawal tips to help overcome the symptoms.


Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is very important in helping getting through the withdrawals. Eight hours of sleep can go a long way. For those who area dealing with cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other issues, sleep can help repair the body.


Ease Back on Work

Whatever your daily responsibilities are, if there is a chance to take a step back on your workload, you should. Stress adds more problems to the withdrawal symptoms, and if dealing with it is already difficult, getting rid of the unwanted stress can go a long way.


Talk to Someone

Reaching out to a friend, family member, your doctor, or people in a self-help group about what you are going through is very important. Anxiety and self-doubt are a couple of the earliest symptoms of withdrawal. If you can speak about these feelings with someone, it can help you to avoid relapse.

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Rest Up and Get Comfortable

Even if you are not sleeping or working, you should be resting. Exercise should be light and not strenuous. Going to the gym may help some, but for others who are not comfortable with being in public while going through withdrawals, staying home is perfectly fine. Finding a comfortable place to occupy your interests and rest up will make the process a lot easier.


Don’t Do It Alone

Ask a friend or loved one to help you during the withdrawal process. One of the biggest symptoms is some level of depression. Having a friend or loved one nearby to get your mind off the symptoms will help tremendously. They can help you to discover newfound hobbies and activities.

If you are someone you know is going through their withdrawal period, we urge you to contact Dr. Ben Evans at Vitality Internal Medicine for professional help and consultation. Don’t let the withdrawal symptoms take over and overcome your life.

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